Drawings – Graphite Charcoal and Coloured Pencil

These drawings have been created as a series of ‘snap-shots’ like tourist post cards capturing precious moments in time. I have chosen to depict images of important people, places and moments that make my life so interesting and wonderful.

I admire the local heroes and deeply respect them for how they shape and influence our lives. These are people who are just going about their daily business making a living just in order to survive. In the process they are making better lives for all of us in some way, yet perhaps without even realizing what a positive difference they are making.

These are often humble heroes such as firemen, train drivers, builders and farmers along with the incredible machines they drive. I admire the buildings and homes they create and the great architecture that was built by our great ancestors before them. I appreciate the bridges that connect us, old buildings that balance precariously on cliff-tops that refuse to fall down and dry stone walls that divide up the land like giant patchwork quilts.