Drawings – Graphite Charcoal and Coloured Pencil

Cindy Wider is the Author of four soft cover books ‘Paint In Your Pyjamas – every woman’s guide to finding your life purpose through art,’ ’12 Charcoal Techniques,’ ‘6 Pencil Techniques,’ and ‘Action Painting Workshop.’ She is also the of 37 e-books that form the ‘Complete Drawing Certificate Course’ a CPD Accredited art course at Drawpj.com.

This is a revolutionary art course where Cindy teaches her unique method based upon the four major comparison skills needed for drawing a likeness to the subject. “Learning to draw in realism is a means to the end and not the end in itself” says Cindy. Her course is taught by Cindy personally as well as a group of her personally trained Certified Instructors on a one-to-one basis privately by email.

The images you see on this page were created in either coloured pencil, charcoal or graphite on paper.