Drawings – Graphite Charcoal and Coloured Pencil

Since moving here to the UK a few years ago my work has taken an interesting change or course, but my curiosity about my place in this world still persists. Most of my artworks are inspired by connections between people and places and these images help me to make sense of  my world. I create artworks that are essentially ‘snap shots’ of moments in time that I feel should be remembered and celebrated – respected.

I am curious about how people think and why they make the decisions to do what they do in their every day lives. I admire our local heroes and deeply respect them for how they shape and influence our lives. These are people who are just going about their daily business making a living just in order to survive. In the process they are making better lives for all of us in some way, yet perhaps without even realizing what a positive difference they are making.

I am in awe of these humble heroes such as firemen, train drivers, builders and farmers and the incredible machines they drive, the buildings and homes they create and the great architecture that all form an important part of our daily existence. Bridges that connect us, old buildings that balance precariously on cliff-tops that refuse to fall down. Stone work that was laid hundreds of years ago when machines were not available like they are today.

These are the things that motivate and inspire me to draw. I like to record my immediate environment to help me to understand more about the way people live their lives; to struggle and to survive.