Castaways Series

In this series I depict an idealised lifestyle of living with less.

Imagine living a life-style with little or no technology; only a conch shell to call one another from across the island. With only nature as a means of enjoyment and survival along with the occasional man made objects for comfort.¬†¬†These people have chosen to live a Castaway’s existence. It’s a life filled with peace, pleasure and relaxation. One minute you could be eating the freshest produce (all of which is growing naturally) under the cool shade of your verandah. At another time you could be laying in a hammock, reading a book and enjoying the fresh salty sea air. You fill your lungs with the freshest of breath giving you vital energy. Of an evening you relax under the moonlight as the owls hoot, cicadas chirp and all you can hear is the trickle of water in rock pool while you sip one of the finest wines (brought to you by a small supplies boat that visits once a month with your bare essentails.)

The life of these Castaways is blissful, it is heaven on earth.

The images in this collection are available for art licensing through Porterfield’s Fine Art in Florida.